Turkey Creek Stables hold monthly speed show for riders and spectators. This is a tremendous opportunity to showcase your horseback skills and be fascinated by the horsemanship of other riders.

A speed show is held on the first Saturday of each month, subject to weather conditions. We recommend checking the forecast and booking places in advance. Traditionally, we offer the following disciplines for participants:

  • barrels;
  • polls;
  • hairspin;
  • Texas barrels.

To make the event enjoyable, we offer two fun events of choice. Entry fee for each event is $4, or $20 for all six events. Additionally, there are Jackpot barrels and Jackpot poll, with $10 fee for each one.

The show takes place at 7pm, the registration opens at 6.30pm.

The entry is free for spectators, so we always welcome children and adults coming to watch the show. This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce the youngsters to horse-riding, so do not miss it!

Note: we post all Speed Show updates on our Facebook page, including event cancellations because of weather. Please follow us on Facebook to receive the news on time.

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