Mobile Pony Party
Call for details and pricing

Pony Parties On Site - $80.00
  1. Your party begins with a hay ride. We will pick you up in Medard Park and bring you to Turkey Creek Stables.    
  2. Pony rides are given for one hour in our arena. (Up to four ponies/horses) Children of all ages can take turns riding.    
  3. Parents of older children may want to rent horses for a trail ride while the younger kids are on the ponies.     
  4. After the party, the hay ride will take you back to Medard Park.    
  5. If you would like to host your event in our party room, see details below.
Party Room Rental
$50 first hour • $25 each addl. hour

Party room rental comes with:

  • Tables and Chairs     
  • Food Serving Area
  • Microwave
  • Audio System


For the convenience of our patrons, we offer drinks and snacks for purchase, as well as a wide range of tack and horse-care products such as:
     Saddles • Bits • Bridles • Halters • Lead Ropes
     Brushes • Fly Spray • Medicines • Supplements
     Hay Racks • Grooming Supplies • Much More!

The store has many items for sale on consignment.

When we have extra, hay, feed and shavings are also available for purchase.


If you are you looking for a reliable trail horse, show prospect or just want a pasture pal, then look no further! We have registered and grade horses of many different breeds, sex, colors and ages for sale. Come take a tour or call for details.

We frequently have rescued horses on property. We understand that their appearance is disturbing, and that is exactly why we have saved them! If you would like to help with their long-term care, donations of all kinds are greatly appreciated. Once healthy, these horses are available for adoption/purchase.