10 Things to Bear in Mind for Horseriding

Coming to Turkey Creek Stables to ride a horse for the first time is an exciting adventure. However, there are some things the first-timers must do to fully enjoy their ride.

Wear appropriate clothes

There is a good reason why riders wear well-fitting clothes. Baggy pants and sweaters, long skirts and scarves may get caught on the saddle. For this reason it is recommended to wear straight jeans and a shirt, and perhaps a small jacket, especially on your very first ride.

Choose proper footwear

Forget flip-flops, sandals, and trainers and do not even think of high-heels! This may sound like commonsense, but it is worth reminding: proper footwear for Turkey Creek horseback riding must be closed-toed.

Something similar to cowboy or riding boots is the best choice. The small heel will ensure the foot is stabilized and yet will not get wedged in the stirrup, should the rider fall off.

Invest in a helmet

Although an instructor will accompany you on your first trip to the stables, horses are animals and may be unpredictable. Safety comes before pleasure, so a good helmet is a must. Of course, if you are only giving horse-riding a go and are not planning to take it up seriously, you may just rent the headwear at the stables. However, if the plan is to take regular lessons, then it is important to buy a well-fitting helmet.

Listen to your instructor

Even if you have read all “horsey” books under the sun and watched all films on the subject, you must still listen to your instructor on your first horseback riding Lakeland. There are Health and Safety rules that must be followed, and some special stables rules to bear in mind.

And of course, your instructor knows everything about the horse you will ride, so listen carefully.

Do not attach yourself to the horse or reins

Many first-time riders feel a little anxious on a horse. To avoid falling off, they may wish to attach themselves to the saddle or the horse.

By doing so, they exacerbate the implications. If they fall free, they may not get hurt after all. However, if they are striped to a horse or the reins, the trauma is inevitable.

Do not fear your horse

All animals are very intuitive, and they also have their own willpower. So when they feel a person is afraid of them, they try to take control.

People usually respond by applying physical strength, but in truth, “Love is all you need”.

So, during you first horseback riding Lakeland, try to be confident and show the horse you respect it. Your goal is not to subdue the horse but rather to make it willingly do what you want it to do.

Do not just sit there

Sitting on a horse for a picture is one thing. Riding a horse is quite different; in fact, it is a set of physical exercises. Plus, you must always be aware of what is happening, keep your balance and coordination. With time and skill, horse-riding is likely to become a pleasant pastime. But when you are just beginning your journey, take it seriously!

Trust your coach

If the coach offers you to ride a particular horse, it is because they know its character. Instructors are responsible both for animals and riders, so they carefully choose an animal. As you get more experienced, you will get to ride more horses.

Grab the reins but not the saddle

If you are a fan of westerns, you have probably enjoyed the scenes when cowboys let go of the reins. Or else, they hold on to the saddle. We certainly do not recommend experimenting with these tricks on your first visit to the stables.

Take your time and enjoy the ride

Coming to Turkey Creek Stables San Antonio for the first time in your life is an event in itself. For this reason, it is best to take it slow and just get yourself comfy and confident with horses. As you feel more secure, you will naturally start taking longer rides and perfecting your horsemanship.

We hope these simple tips will help you make the most of your first visit to the stables!